Do not travel to the countryside – Council of Governors

  • PublishedMarch 18, 2020

The Council of Governors through its Chairperson Governor Wyckliffe Oparanya has requested Kenyans to avoid traveling to the rural areas.

According to him, there are just two testing facilities in the whole country and they are located in Nairobi. If an outbreak starts and spreads in the rural areas, they will not be able to cater to the patients with the available facilities.

“I advise people not to move to the rural. I advise them to stay where they are. Stay at home,” he said.

He further revealed that the counties have received far less testing kits than should be available in the face of such a serious illness. At the same time, he has decried the national government’s adamance in allocating more resources to the counties to enable them to better prepare. He has also called out the  Ministry of Health for their lackluster response in securing border counties.

“We urge the health CS to take this matter seriously. Border counties need to be declared high risk areas. 14 counties had been declared high risk,” he said.

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