You would feel so bad if you heard your child is the one that gives other kids a hard time in school, Church or wherever kids meet up. But such behaviour can be corrected, and most importantly prevented, when they are still young. This way, they will grow to be emotionally intelligent people, employers, parents, friends and spouses. Here is how to teach your kids kindness.

Lead by example

Your kids might be listening to you, but their eyes are on you – they will copy your every move. How do yo address your house helps? Strangers on the road? How do you address the children when they irritate you? That is where they learn how to react to situations from, so handle every situation with grace.

Point out their misdemeanors

They are not ‘too young’ to tell when they are being rude to others, so if they do it, correct them on the spot and make them apologize. Do not tolerate or excuse rude behaviour even among siblings, that is where they learn from.

Do not bully your child

You might not even notice it, but some of your actions can amount to bullying. Check how you tease your baby, the things you say in jest might be repeated elsewhere and might not come out as good. Avoid insults or they will be recited verbatim to other children.

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Do not let them be rude to you

If they are rude to you, it will be worse with other people and children. Do not tolerate any acts of talking back, clicking, shoving, violence and general rudeness towards you.

Acts of charity

Teach your children to be givers. Every once in a while visit a children’s home or orphanage. Create a culture of giving and sharing in your family.

Acknowledge and reward good behavior

Do not let an act of kindness go unacknowledged. If you are going to chide them for being unkind, praise them for being kind so they might be draw a fine line between the two.

Teach the magic words

Get them used to speaking these three words – please, sorry and thank you.

It is a cruel world

Let them know that not every one will be kind to them in return, and that they do not have to retaliate when it happens.

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