Eat what is in season to save money

  • PublishedJune 11, 2014

There are many advantages of eating foods that are in season and one ought to take full advantage of what is in abundance in the market. Getting to know where your food comes from makes you feel more connected to the whole food process. Be on the look out for seasonal farm produce such as fruits and vegetables. There are many benefits of eating foods in season.

Eating what is in season is not expensive. When produce is in season, the relative abundance makes it less expensive. The law of supply and demand applies in that when crops are in season, supply is more than demand and you will make savings if you purchase at the time. Eating food that is in season also means it is not transported for long distances before getting to the market. Seasonal food is readily available and much to buy. It also gives farmers quicker returns. Ensure you cash in on the seasonal bounty and enjoy healthy and cheap eating.

 Enjoy fresh taste and bountiful nutrients. Fresh foods have their whole flavours intact and are also succulent. They also tend to be sweet smelling, juicy and colourful. Seasonal fresh produce is picked when its ripe and fully developed, which means it has had more sun exposure and thus higher levels of antioxidants. The nutritional value of vegetables, for instance, is at its best soon after harvest and decreases on each day past harvest so you get more benefits when you eat straight from the farm.

Availability in abundance allows creativity. When produce is in season, it is usually plentiful and sold in bulk. To consume all that you have purchased, you need to be creative and come up with different and new methods of preparing delicious and fun dishes to avoid monotony. Variety is also healthy for optimum body function as you are guaranteed all essential nutrients. By changing your menu according to what is readily available in the market, you are less likely to develop food intolerance. Look for what is in season during this festive season and treat your family to delicious meals. You will be rewarded with high quality produce packed with daily nutrition requirements at a lower cost.

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