Disciplining your children has always been falsely understood to mean spanking the children whenever they do something wrong.  However, this is not the best way to impart knowledge. There are a lot of opinions about the short-term and long-term effects of disciplining methods. Spanking should not always be the go-to discipline method for your children. There are other effective ways to discipline your child.

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Denying them privileges

This is one of the most effective ways to discipline your child when they do wrong. Anytime your child does a serious wrong,  try to deny them the opportunity of playing video games, watching their favourite toons, and taking away their toys. As a result, this will serve as a reminder of what they did, and they will do their best not to repeat the mistake.

Ignore the attention seeking behaviour

Some children would grumble when asking for something from you just to get your attention. When this happens, ignore them. This will teach your child that that is not the proper way of asking for something. The child will learn that polite behaviour is good for asking for their needs.

Providing logical consequences

Choices have consequences; your child must learn this. A child may refuse to eat and go out and play or do some other things and not to prioritize food. When they do this, withhold snacks they love. On sharing, some kids might be selfish to their siblings. When this happens, especially when sharing toys, withhold the toys that they don’t like sharing. Tell them if they do not learn to share, there will be no more toys. They will have in mind that all choices have consequences.

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Reward them and keep your promises

As a parent, when a kid does well, it is good for you to acknowledge what they did and give them presents that will motivate them. This way, your child will learn to do good at all times. When you promise them something, and you don’t fulfill, they might change their behavior. Everyone else, not just children, need a reward for work well done. This reward will motivate your child and improve their discipline.

Grounding them

No child loves being grounded; playing is at the center of their being. Thus, this is one of the best ways of disciplining your child. However, they should be grounded depending on their age. Twenty-four hours would be enough to ground a child under the age of 11, and those aged above 11 should be grounded for days. This will teach them a lesson since they will miss a lot while they are grounded.