We all want our partners and our parents to get along. However, this is not always the case. It is a painful dilemma because you do not want to let either party go. If your parents disapprove of your relationship, here are a few things you can do to hopefully make things right.

Organize get-togethers with your parents and tag your partner along

Put together a dinner and invite your parents. Ensure that you brief your partner beforehand on what your parents like, the topics they like discussing and what keeps them smiling. Ensure that you tell him/her what your parents hate. This is a chance for your parents to see for themselves that your partner is not a bad person. Ask your partner to be patient with them.

Avoid talking ill about your partner to your parents.

Sometimes we are to blame for the way our parents treat our partners. If you talk ill about your partner to your parents, they will take your word for it. Thereafter they will disapprove of your relationship believing that your partner is a horrible person. Be careful the light you paint your partner in.

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Set boundaries

The way your parents talk about your relationship while on a sit down may be damaging. Boundaries may include reducing the number of times you talk about the relationship with your parents. It may also involve asking your parents directly and firmly to stop making disparaging remarks about your partner. This will help prevent them from influencing you.

Seek advice and therapy from a friend, relative or therapist

Always ensure that you open up on the situation to a friend, relative, or therapist. It will help you release the bad energy, make you think clearly and find helpful solutions. It will help clarify the place of your parents in your future with your partner.

Consider their views

It may seem inappropriate but consider their opinions and reasons. Remember, your parents’ disapproval sometimes stem from genuine reasons and their disapproval is an act of looking out for you. This will help you and your partner change if necessary, for the better.


Eventually, though,  you may do everything but still your parents disapprove of your relationship . Drastic measures have to be taken in such a situation. Cut down the time you spend with your parents until they accept your relationship, if their reasons are uncalled for and unwarranted. It may seem harsh but it is good for yoour peace of mind, especially if your partner is faultless.