Embarrassingly Outstanding Genius Mom Hacks

  • PublishedJuly 28, 2017

The ultimate goal of motherhood is to bond, create memories, and excel at what we all likely consider the most important jobs we are ever going to have. But are you really even a mom if you’ve never once made your child hot with embarrassment?

Here are some age-old embarrassing mom hacks that have saved many-a day and probably ruined a street-cred or two…

The Laser Glare: Every mom has ‘that look’ and every child, knows ‘that look’. This is the look that says ‘you-better-check-yourself-before-I-do’. Lord knows many of us have been at the receiving end of this look, and probably a beating.
The Thumb Lick: Many of us cringed when our moms stopped us in the middle of the road only to say cheerfully, “You have something on your face!” We knew what was coming! A generous amount of her saliva on her thumb, which she would then use to rub all over our faces. How embarrassing was that?!
The Fake-out: How many times have kids yelled at their parents, “Are you even listening?” Mothers have spent years honing the ability to pretend they are paying attention to their children when they are explaining a game, picture or activity (for the hundredth time) and even nodding at appropriately without missing a beat!

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