It goes without saying that unless your guardians are small tycoons, then the financial life of a typical campus student, always (well usually), hangs in the balance.

Between printing assignments, buying food and/or entertainment, well there’s really nothing much left to go around, let alone anywhere. Here are a few pointers on surviving campus life on a low budget.

Get Techie

Always surf the web for cheaper alternatives. There’s never a shortage of someone willing to sell something at a slightly lower price. There are also tonnes of online thrift stores with great deals.


Use that student status

Some entertainment and food joints usually have discounts for students so carry your student ID and milk the hell out of it where it applies. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or offers when buying things if you’re low on cash. Bring friends along as well and take advantage of group offers or cost share.


Fake it till you make it

Just because your friends are wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean that you can’t look good on a budget. Thrifting is your best bet to getting some good quality clothes and shoes, without breaking the bank. Besides, thrifted clothes tend to be more unique than mass-produced designer items. All you need is a good eye and some determination to get you going!



Instead of buying things that you could easily make on your own why not get creative. Make the internet your friend and look at tutorials on how to revamp stuff instead of splurging on some things from a store which is likely to be more expensive, just do it yourself.

Get a job!

Ever heard of work-study? Most campuses have this provision for students who would like to make an extra coin from doing some work around the school. You can also look for a part time job in cafeterias or stores around school. Instead of blowing your money on alcohol over the weekend, if you can dedicate a few hours a week or per day then you are well on your way to being…well…not broke.