Words are very powerful tools. If used in the wrong way, they can shatter someone. However, if properly utilized they can build someone in a limitless manner. As a parent, it is thus very important to take note of the words used on your child. A major part of a child’s character is based on what kind of words were used on them.

Harsh, critical words are highly likely to make the baby timid and self-esteem issues might crop up as a result. Use of excessively babying words should also be limited. This is because you don’t want your child to become over-dependent on you. Strive to find a balance of words that boost the child’s  confidence and at the same time encourages independence. We therefore look at some of the encouraging phrases to use on your child.

Do you need help with that?

This is purely intended to ensure a balance is achieved. A balance between helping the child and solving their problems for them should be the goal. It is important to allow the child to develop problem-solving skills. Although there are times you’ll have to intervene, it will indicate to your baby that they can take initiative if they need to.

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How about this instead?

At some point a child will want to do something they are not ready for. Telling your child they can’t complete a task they strive to complete, can have quite the adverse effect. No matter how trivial it may seem if they grow up knowing they can do whatever they set their mind to, they will have acquired a valuable life principle. It is thus important to use encouraging phrases that divert his attention towards what they might be ready to do. This is as he/she practices to accomplish the task they couldn’t initially do. Saying “how about this instead” creates the appropriate environment. The child will not feel like they are giving up but preparing for a hard task.

Talk to me

Building a sharing culture from an early age is very important. This showcases that you don’t have to keep things pent up in the name of ‘being strong’.

Shot of a mother and daughter at home

This should however be done in a regulated manner as it is important to carefully select who they confide in. If this is properly applied it should help you raise someone who prioritizes mental health.