The  secret to the most suitable haircut is knowing and understanding our head shape. Because head shapes vary, what looks good on one person might not be as good on the next person.

Oval head shape

Guys with an oval face shape are lucky because most haircuts would look amazing on them. An oval shape entails a lack of sharp corners and angles. With these face shape, facial hair can be optional. You don’t want to make your head rounder so avoid fringes or bangs of any kind. Will Smith is a perfect example of an oval face shape.

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Square head shape

This face shape has all both the length and width measurements the same but with a slightly chiseled jaw. To soften up the sharpness of the chin, a light stubble won’t hurt. You would  look amazing if you trim your hair in a buzz cut, undercut or a faux hawk.

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Round head shape

A round face has equal length and width  with very delicate features.Your face has equal length and width. But, they are really soft angled with full cheeks and delicate features. You can decide to go super short but maintain your beard as this will work perfectly with your face or get an under cut. A beard gives an  illusion of a chiseled jawline. ‘Assurance’ singer Davido sports a clean beard that gives his face a chiseled jaw illusion.

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Oblong head shape

This face is longer than it is wider. With this face shape try hairstyles that don’t make your face longer. It is not advisable  to have a beard as it will further elongate your face’s shape.

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