Several reasons have been fronted as to why exercise is important with physical fitness, maintaining good self-esteem, and losing body fat topping the list. If these are not motivating enough

  • PublishedMarch 1, 2016

Several reasons have been fronted as to why exercise is important with physical fitness, maintaining good self-esteem, and losing body fat topping the list. If these are not motivating enough to get you to do some workouts, then add better sex to the list. We tell you why and how getting into shape will get you to cloud nine faster than you have ever imagined.

Dehydration, muscle cramps, running out of breath and overall fatigue happen during sex since it is physically draining activity. That is why we are encouraged to reduce stress, eat right and get enough sleep so as to get the best out of sex. But of equal importance is being fit. The link between sex and physical fitness should not be underestimated and it may be the missing link in your sex life.

For men, numerous studies have demonstrated that exercise has several benefits including increasing one’s sex drive. For instance, one study showed that men who participate in one hour work out session per day, three to five days a week had a significantly greater sex drive than those who didn’t workout. Those who worked out were also happier with their sex life. Several studies have also shown that the regular the workout regime, the higher the libido – one more reason why you should change into your exercise gear. As for women, exercise has a positive effect on their libido as well. Research has shown that women who exercise frequently become aroused more quickly and reach their orgasm faster and more intensely.

For women, the effect of exercise is both physiological as well as psychological. A study by Cindy Meston, professor of clinical pathology at the University of Texas and co-author of the book Why Women Have Sex, showed that vigorous workout primes women’s bodies for sexual activity. One of the explanations for this is exercise increases genital blood flow, ultimately making a woman sexually aroused.

Sexual benefits of exercise

Release of feel good hormones: Long workouts at moderate to high levels cause the release of endorphins and adrenaline, which are responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being. Studies have shown that endorphins increase women’s sexual arousal as well as reducing stress, which is a barrier to libido. Exercise also increases testosterone levels in both men and women. Increased libido has been linked to increased testosterone levels. The combination of endorphins, testosterone and adrenaline is a potent sexual cocktail.

Improved self-esteem: Beyond the nuts and bolts of biology, sex also involves self-image. You will enjoy sex more when you rate yourself highly as you wouldn’t have the time to think about what your partner thinks of your body; the love handles and all. When you are intentional about your health and body image, you will look after it and cannot help but feel sexy in the long run. And exercise makes you feel sexy, so go for it.

More flexibility: As mentioned earlier, sex is a physical activity hence it relies on strength and endurance. The more you exercise, the more you build on these two. The shoulders, the hip and the entire back are crucial body parts in a love making session. With exercise, you acquire more flexibility in these areas and truth be told, if these regions are tight, you will be limited in the positions you can try.

Improves blood circulation: Certain types of exercise such as aerobic exercises are revered for their ability to increase blood circulation, rejuvenate the body and reduce stress as well as strengthening your cardiovascular system. As your cardiovascular system improves, you get to experience increased stamina enabling you to enjoy longer and intense sessions in the bedroom. Exercise also enhances blood flow to the nether regions, leaving you more primed for sexual activity.

Keeps erectile dysfunction at bay: Naturally, as we age, our physical performance deteriorates and this includes sexual performance. A study in the Journal of Human Sexuality showed that a regular exercise regime is one of the best ways of combating decline in sexual satisfaction and performance that comes with age. Another study at the Harvard School of Public Health indicated that physical activity reduced impotence in men.

Sexercising: If you don’t fancy hitting the road or a sweaty time at the gym, indulge in more sex. Sex is a great form of exercise too. During love making, one experiences an increase in the heart and metabolic rate, and muscle strength while relieving stress. Half an hour of making out with your partner can translate to burning 230 calories. Spend a little more time during foreplay and trying out new positions and you sexercise yourself to a great body. An energetic love making session guarantees you a full body workout, more so when you throw in plenty of positions.

Exercises to better your sex life

Kegels: Kegels are not only good for women, but for men too as they strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle (the muscles that stop the flow of urine), which contracts during orgasm. Women who strengthen this muscle have better and more consistent orgasms. Kegels also strengthen and tone the perineal muscles, which support erectile rigidity leading to stronger and long-lasting erections. The perineal muscles also provide the power behind ejaculation. Kegels are easy; start by interrupting the flow of urine when going to the bathroom. You can increase the squeeze duration as you progress.

Core strengthening: Core strength refers to strength in your abdomen, pelvis and middle back. Abdominal crunches, alternate arm leg raises and planks are good exercises to improve core strength. Alternate arm leg raises work your shoulders and glutes while helping you with balance. Planks will increase your endurance and stamina in the bedroom while giving your arms staying power for the much-loved missionary position.

Flexibilty: Needless to say, flexibility equals to great sex. So the next time your trainer asks you to stretch out your hamstrings, lower back, hip flexors or glutes, obey without complaining. Stretching helps to bring blood flow back to the pelvic and groin region meaning increased sensation, which translates to better orgasms. These and a few yoga sessions will loosen you up to some adventurous sexual experience.

Cardio training: Running, swimming, walking or cycling are great cardio exercises that improve one’s stamina and performance in between the sheets. While at it, attempt interval training to increase stamina and endurance. Interval training a couple of times a week will enable you to go for longer or be ready for another round of sex without feeling too exhausted.

Upper body workouts: Many sexual positions require you or your partner to support themselves using the arms. Hence you require strength in your upper body to allow you perform at the optimal level. Push-ups and planks will help you achieve this. Push-ups work the chest and the triceps enabling you to rock those on-top positions without breaking a sweat. It also increases your staying power as well as enabling you maintain a strong thrust during sex.

Squats: Squats are not only awesome for shapping your dierrere but also incredible for enhancing sex. Squats increase testosterone levels and blood flow to the pelvic regions making orgasms more intense. They are also known to strengthen the lower body for a more powerful thrust while you are on top or when your partner is on top.

Stationery lunges: Lungs are perfect exercise for building strength,mobility, stability and endurance. They also take the action in your bedroom a notch higher by increasing the flow of blood to the pelvic region as well as improving hamstring flexibility and core strength for straddling and more powerful thrusting.

Remember the saying: “A family that prays together stays together?” In sexercise we say a couple that exercises together has better sex. So the next time you are planning to workout, tag along your partner and give your sex life an added boost. All the best!

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