Father’s Day is on the 16th of this month. Had you forgotten? Relax, they have probably forgotten too, if at all they even know it exists. You may have not have bought any present yet because who are we kidding, few things are as hard as buying presents for men. Unlike women who leave hints everywhere, from saying it loud to painting it across the roof, men remain mum over what they want. The guessing game is excruciating. What do you even get for someone who insists they do not need anything? We got you. Here is a list of practical gifts that he will find useful in his everyday life.

New pairs of socks.

We said practical gifts, not extra ordinary, out-of-this-planet gifts.The rate at which their pair of socks divorce is appalling. A new pair is always welcome. if they do not need the pairs immediately, they will come in handy later. They always do.

A trench coat

A manly trench coat in this new Nairobi winter will be a welcome gift. Most of the time these people own one  jacket that could protest being over worn were they able to speak. A trench coat can simply be incorporated into an office look and also make for a stylish casual outfit. So on those cold mornings he can be warm when heading to work.

A nice case for his phone

If he is one of those people whose phone screens always end up looking like a spider web, he might just need a good phone case. Just don’t add those pop sockets, and whatever colour you choose, make sure it is not one that will get him roasted by his friends.


These are basic things that you might think they will remember to buy for themselves, but do they ever? Rarely. So get them plenty of pairs of boxers and trunks.

Engraved power-bank

If he is one of those people whose phones are ever off, get him a power bank. Only make it more special by engraving his name, initials or favourite nickname for him.

Have a memorable Father’s Day!