Introduce a law on pre-marital training – Omar Mwinyi

  • PublishedJune 7, 2019

Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi now wants the Kenyan government to pass a law that will see all who have attained the age of marriage to undergo pre-marital training before they settle down.

Speaking during the schedule of classes cum launch of this year’s Mombasa International Show 2019 held at the Jomo Kenyatta Show Ground in Nyali constituency, Mombasa County, the lawmaker voiced his concern over the rising cases of divorce and conflict in marriage.

Pre-marital training for teenagers

He also urged religious leaders to come up with a learning institution for teenagers to undergo training before they get married.  The religious leaders were also tasked to ensure all couples take a course before marriage, in order to avert the conflicts that sometimes turn fatal in marriages.

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Positive role models

The parents he asked to lead by example and be positive role models to their children. Parents, he said, should counsel newly-weds on the consequences of broken marriages. He noted that the rising cases of conflicts in marriage were partly due to the lack of counsel, education and guidance on marriage and raising of families. Therefore parents ought to instill family values in their children as they raised them, so the children may carry the same forward in their own homes.

The Member of Parliament also urged parents to stop raising their children to believe that they had to be employed to earn a living. He called for creativity and innovation, and that the youth ought to embrace the opportunities the government had created instead of waiting to be employed. According to him, the soaring unemployment rates did not mean there were no other avenues for making ends meet. The procurement and services field is one of the fields he urged the youth to take full advantage of.

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