Mixing classy and warm during this cold season can be a tad bit hectic. Everyone wants to dress-up and look gorgeous but problems come in when their summer wardrobes cannot match the cold weather.

That brings us to blab about the classic trench coat – a must have in everyone’s closet. Trench coats come in a myriad of designs, colors and materials. From leather, wool, cotton, silk… you name it. You can layer them up for that much needed warmth.

Take a close look at the below classy, warm and bold trench coat looks you can try this cold season. This might serve you right in an occasion or place.

Checked belted coat.

A trench of its kind, with a flattering waist belt which you can cinch right in. The belt helps pull out your waist line to accentuate your curves. Its long length is elegant and fashionable.

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Single breasted coat.

This is a classy trench adds some colour pop  which brightens up the gloomy and chilly day. It has a full length faux silk with an optional belt. You can have it with a pull-neck and this wool skirt or a trouser. It never goes wrong.

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The classic trench.

This trench is endowed with  high-quality fabric, handy detachable hood and comes with a belt. Most people love it for its many buttons and the sleek look it possesses. Try this trench with a pair of leggings, pull neck and boots.

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The drape trench coat

The drape trench coat is perfect for dates, late night walks or even for work. This must have trench is stylish and best paired with high waisted pants and heels for a royal look.

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Darma caduna trench coat.

Lovers of art can understand this trench at a glance. This is your go to trench when you want to cause a stir and steal the limelight. Surprisingly, this trench can go with any dress code  depending on what you wish to achieve at the end of the day.

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Remember, keep warm but always look classy.