Cover models

Our cover models for this months issue is none other than the award-winning gospel singer and songwriter Emmy Kosgei Madubuko.

Real people

When you think of cosmetic and general dentistry, Dr. Oliver Wala’s name is bound to come up through his private practice – Family Dentistry- a dental clinic he started in 2001. A youthful man with over 22 years of experience, Dr. Wala has broken barriers and paved way for young dentists to thrive in an experience-based sector.

My story

Fifty-four- year old Lee Karuri is an architect, business leader, and entrepreneur who always aims to inspire, help and improve the lives of others. He is also passionate about Kenya and Africa’s socioeconomic growth.

This is life

Cecilia Wainana, 37, understands what it means to be widowed at a young age. She lost her husband of 11 years when she was 30 years old and it took her time to adjust to her new status as a widow. She narrates her lonely walk of widowhood and the challenges she has to contend with.


Like many things, money is also going digital. Cryptocurrency or digital money if you like is gaining traction at a slow but sure rate. The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin and although it has been in existence for almost a decade it is still shrouded in mystery.


Caleb Ndaka graces this section this month a JKUAT alumna has started an organization, Kids Comp Camp, to train kids and youth from rural areas computer skills.

Marriages that last

On the marriages that last column, Paul, and Naomi Gol grace our pages. They talk about their 22 years of marriage highlighting what has makes their marriage tick. They reveal that nurturing their friendship, love, and support for each other has helped ride the unpredictable wave that is marriage.


The ultimate singles guide to a happy Valentine’s Day perfect for those who don’t have significant others. Love is written all over this season and it may feel as though the society is on a mission to ignore all the single folks out there. However, this doesn’t mean that single people cannot enjoy the day as well.


8 ways to improve the taste and smell of your vagina to ensure it smells and tastes better and is not offensive to your partner. Every lady should try one of these ways to find out which one works for them.

Trending Issues

We are celebrating friendships, looking at the friendship between Terryanne Chebet and Monica Kiragu, Amos Muema and Simani Joshua (Amos and Josh) and International celebrity friends like Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria among others. Friendship is an element that brings joy and enjoyment to life.