As humans the tendency to be ineffective is high and in that space of ineffectiveness, we miss to see who we can become and also become blind to the talents and giftings within us.  However, we can only become effective if we understand how we could do that and like we all know the information is power.

Here are a few points on how we could become highly effective beings:

Do something 

It’s time to stop sitting around and take action.  Every minute you’re sitting around and doing nothing, you’re not taking action to getting closer to your dreams. It is said that actions speak louder than words and the days of simply stating what you will do are over and a time has come for you to begin working on that which you have been saying.

Plan what you’re taking action about.

Don’t just take actions willy-nilly, have a plan and think through.  Do things in the right order one at a time in order to get where you want to go.

Differentiate important and unimportant

To be effective as a human being, one has to be able to distinguish between the two. Hence you begin by majoring on the major and minor on the minor for example being a parent making supper for your children would be way more important than working on deadlines that are needed at work in a weeks time.

Have a goal

You need to realise that effort without a genuine purpose is just effort and effective people don’t just know what to do they know why. They have a long-term goal. They have short-term goals that support their long-term goals.

Believe in yourself

Developing diligence isn’t easy hard work is hard and pushing forward when successes are few and far between takes optimism and self-belief. Therefore the need to become your biggest cheerleader.

Being at your A-game when it comes to effectivity isn’t a one-day thing, it needs persistence and consistency and within a given time it becomes your new normal.