Good news for the sweet tooth health enthusiasts. You no longer have to feel guilty after indulging in the sugar-packed treats which add no value to the body. You no longer have to battle the guilt of giving in to your cravings and probably overindulging in the sugar-loaded treats.

Please stop nibbling carrot sticks and chomping plain fruits all day to stay healthy. All that is required is some bit of knowledge here,  a dash creativity there and you are all set to give your taste buds an out of this world sensory experience.

Introducing the nice cream which is basically ice cream made using blended frozen bananas as the base. The trick on getting the most out of this treat is in the preparation.

Use slightly overripe bananas for a sweeter result.

Add some coconut water or milk to soften hard, over frozen bananas. You can also leave them out of the fridge to thaw for some few minutes before blending. For a soft-serve nice cream, peel bananas, freeze for two hours, blend and serve. If you prefer a firm and thick version of this banana goodness, pop it back to the freezer for an extra hour.

For some extra pizzazz and delight; you can come up with your own signature nice cream. Throw in fruits for enhanced taste and colour, nuts for extra texture and explosive flavours by adding caramel, vanilla or chocolate essence. The list is endless.

There are tons of reasons why you should indulge in this easy to make a healthy treat. The banana ice cream is loaded with nutrients such as potassium for a healthy heart, dietary fibre for the easy bowel movement, vitamin C for healthy bones and many more.

Another plus is that you can enjoy your ice cream first thing in the morning, during lunch, after dinner and as a midnight snack for all night owls.

Say bye to ice cream and jump onto the nice cream wagon.