A Covid-19 task force from the Texas Medical Association has developed a chart to show which activities are the riskiest. This is to help people know the activities to avoid even as countries slowly start to open up their economies.

According to the chart, going to the bar and attending a religious service with more than 500 people is the riskiest.

Other very risky activities are going to a sports stadium and attending a large music concert. Going to a movie theatre, amusement park, gym and eating at a buffet is also very risky.

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You have a moderate risk of getting Covid-19 if you have dinner at someone’s house, go to a backyard barbeque, the beach or shopping mall. Other activities that have a moderate risk are sending kids to school, camp, or daycare. There is also a moderate chance if you work in an office building for a week, swim in a public pool or visit an elderly person.

But if you open your mail, get restaurant takeout, pump gasoline, play tennis or go camping, you have the slightest chance of getting Covid-19.

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Here is the entire chart that classifies activities from low to high risk.

[Source: Texas Medical Association/Twitter]