Even in the middle of a pandemic, the state of your mental health should reign supreme. Just because the world seems to be falling apart around you does not mean you should allow yourself to fall apart right with it. You might have, even without realizing it, allowed some habits that stress you all the more become a part of your daily life. If you have been doing any of these things, quit it before it is too late.


Yes, nobody knows what will happen to the economy. Yes, there is a global health crisis. Yes, nobody knows about the next six hours, let alone tomorrow. Yes, you might not have a job when we emerge out of this. But no, overthinking does not change a single thing. Do not let negative thoughts consume and pull you into their vortex, try as much as possible to be optimistic.

Checking Facebook consistently

Facebook is the home of alarmist, unverified doctors and people who take great pleasure in scaremongering, and spreading the most dreadful, and sometimes even false information on this pandemic. Don’t be a victim of such. Take a break from any social media that seems to be feeding you negative news consistently and be mindful of the things you consume online

Poor diet

This is not the time to indulge in junk food, as tempting as it is. Not only will it sully your mood, but too much sugar and processed foods can weaken your immunity against infections.

Bad sleeping patterns

Because there are no jobs to report to in the morning, many have taken to sleeping late and waking up in the afternoon. A disruption in your sleeping pattern can worsen your moods, so take care to re-establish structure in your life