Millions around the world will witness a logo revolution. This is if Cadbury decides to change their over 50years old logo, as featured in a recent news story.

Cadbury Austria is set to release the new logo alongside a new chocolate product, Cadbury Marble. Cadbury’s digital designer Lee Bargus shared in his twitter account, the potential of the new logo

“Cadbury AU has unveiled a front- facing new logo and will be testing in the Aussie market, the biggest change for atleast 50 years”

He also explained a little history of the current logo, as featured in the same article.

“The elevated package includes a redrawn word mark, new iconography and typography, making the look feel more natural, authentic and high quality. The revitalization of the Cadbury word mark drew inspiration from the hand of the founder to create a beautifully crafted signature with a more contemporary feel”

Cadbury’s first logo made appearance in 1921, when it was used in the company’s transport fleet. It is based on the signature of the founder William Cadbury. After being simplified over time, in 1952, a decision was therefore made to make the cursive design the face of the company. by 1960, adjustments had been made to the logo into what it is today.

While it remains a big risk for a big brand such as this to change its logo, the least we can really do is wait and see if the risk will be worth taking, wait to see if the elevation will make it to the list of the best logos of all time.

So far, there has not been any official communication from the company, as to whether they are changing the logo, but hopefully, they will. In my humble opinion, the alleged new logo looks attractive, less thick and the loop on the b gives it a silky smooth feel, just like the product it represents.