The neem plant is a herbal plant with incredible medicinal power while neem water is healthy for drinking; however, bitter. Traditionally, neem was used as a remedy for chronic stomach issues and healing of wounds. To this date, its medicinal power is still recognized.

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Here are some of the health benefits of neem water.

Heals wounds.

Neem contains collagen fibers that aid in wound healing. Grind the neem leaves to a pulp and dress the wound. Let the wound suck the paste, and it will heal completely after some time.

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Do away with dandruff.

Dandruff can be itchy and very uncomfortable. But, with neem leaves, it will no longer be an issue. Boil the neem leaves and let it cool. Wash your hair naturally with shampoo and hair conditioner then rinse it with the water from the neem leaves. Neem water can also double up as hair conditioner. It not only promotes hair growth, but it also ensures healthy hair. It is a perfect remedy for people with weak, brittle hair.

Ensures skin health

You will find neem in most skincare products and soaps. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a key ingredient in fighting acne and other skin conditions.

Helps cleanse the gut.

Neem water is very healthy for the body, generally. Drinking this herbal water daily helps in cleansing both the stomach and intestines. Neem has anti-bacterial properties that help get rid of toxins in the gut and bloodstream. Moreover, neem strengthens immunity and taking its paste or water frequently helps you keep common illnesses and fevers at bay.

Remedy for an eye problem.

It is an excellent remedy for eye problems. It is highly recommended for itchy eyes and those experiencing redness of the eyes.