Some people think nude nail polish is boring. Avoid such people – you can do without that sort of negativity in your life. Nude nails are anything but boring. In fact, there is a whole range of reasons why you should consider nude nails the next time you are getting your nails done. These stylish nude nail polish ideas are both trendy and chic.

Play with glitter

Are you into glitter? Try them with your nude polish. They will give your nails just enough it-factor to put those who hate nude nails to shame. You can have the glitter on the tips, on the edges or one or two of the fingers.


Most fashionistas are going gaga over stones, and having nude nails should not prevent you from going that direction. If you are a rhinestone lover, nude nails will be the perfect backdrop to let the stones shine. You can have the stones set in different patterns: around the edges, on the tips, in horizontal and vertical lines – whichever tickles your fancy.

French manicure

You can have your nude nails done in french manicure style. Choose the desired colour to go to the tips. The contrast gives the nude nails that beautiful pop.

nude nail polish
Source: Pinterest


Ever heard of nail contour? You seriously did not imagine only the face gets contoured, did you? Anyway, nail contouring pretty much applies the same concept present in all kinds of contouring – the use of darker shades to create a highlight. Pick your interesting shades to give that alluring finish.

nude nail polish ideas
Source: Pinterest


Nail art

Experiment with different nail art ideas. Try out the florals, and any patterns that you fill brings out your creative side best. Try geometrical shapes and sequins. Just be sure to choose a colour that will match the base colour.