How to be a successful musician

A good number of millennials ascribe to music as their best way of achieving success. But manoeuvring to the top is never a promised deal. However, a combination of talent,

  • PublishedJuly 26, 2019

A good number of millennials ascribe to music as their best way of achieving success. But manoeuvring to the top is never a promised deal. However, a combination of talent, passion and following the right path makes it easier to achieve success in this highly competitive industry. Here are some simple tips on how to be a successful musician.

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Have a positive vibe.

Believe in yourself, for music is a journey that many want to pursue. You must remain optimistic and resilient. There might be a lot of negative feedback from the audience initially. However, stay focused on what you want to achieve and be determined to grow. Remember you have to be outstanding to be at the top. Keep reading and doing what other artist are not doing. Be a risk-taker.


Verse yourself with a genre that you wish to focus on. Read about it and practice the art to perfect it. Never allow people to lie to you that mediocrity pays but strive to attain excellent musical content. Moreover, know your audience. Seek the counsel of old masters of your art and learn from them.

Mind the advice

To whom do you go for advice? Chances of failure increase in the event of wrong information. Ask about the challenges, failure, and breakthroughs before asking about the accolades. Apply the objective advice in your craft, and it will save you a great deal.

Have strong team

The weaker the team, the poorer, the performance. As you choose a team to work with, be very selective, specific and careful. Chances are they might not deliver as expected. Choose a professional team over friends. If you desire to make it musically, then professionalism, discipline and perfection are skills that you should embrace.

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Remember it’s a journey

Nobody will promise you that you will never fail. But anytime you fall, pick up yourself. The journey of success starts with a step. Let your journey be a story to tell when you make it. Never have a faint spirit if you will succeed. Fight through and show the world that it’s possible.

Understand the mainstream.

Build your name first; do not rush for collaborations. They never work for everybody. Know what will work for you best. Have a focal point of what you are aiming for. Publish original hits that will leave your fans thirsty for more. However, remember to follow the rules and ethics of the industry. Travel and show your work to attract promoters. Have the will and zeal of making it in the mainstream.

Music copyright

Register your work and copyright your music. Copyright is simply protecting your work from theft. It would be bitter if your original piece would be plagiarised and published by another person, yet you have no copyright to prove that the work belonged to you. Remember to do things in the right way, follow the proper channels.

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Stick to your lane

Keep on improving the art for it all revolves around time. Avoid darting from one genre to another unless it is for the better. In the long run, you will start reaping the fruits of your work.

Be humble

Never bite the hand that once fed you. Be humble and willing to mentor another person to become better than you. Humility pays in many ways, and it never takes so much to stay humble.

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