High blood pressure is a condition that could be killing you without your knowledge. This is why most doctors refer to it as the silent killer.

High blood pressure is a killer condition since it can lead to one having a stroke, kidney damage or a heart attack.

The good news is that high blood pressure can be lowered by changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. Below are healthy lifestyles you can adapt to help you lower your blood pressure:

Exercise regularly

Adopt moderate activities in your life, ensure that you do at least one exercise a day or a combination of exercises that can lower blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure already then focusing on consistent physical activity will help bring your blood pressure down. Such physical activities can include resistance training, aerobic exercise, walking during the day when you can and high-intensity interval training. Think of any activity which will make you more active in your daily life and engage in it.

Focus on losing weight

Obesity is a key factor in increasing high blood pressure thus if you are overweight then it would be beneficial if you strive to lose some. Your blood pressure is more likely to lower when your weight decreases. Disrupted breathing while sleeping has been associated with being overweight, this increases your blood pressure. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly will help you shed off some pounds slowly.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is especially bad for someone who is under high blood pressure medications. Such a person should totally avoid the consumption of alcohol if they want their blood pressure to lower. This is because alcohol reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.

Eat less sodium and more potassium in your diet

Putting less salt in your food can also lower your blood pressure. If you have been having a high intake of sodium helps in reducing the effects of salt in your body. Food such as fish, avocados, milk and sweet potatoes are high in potassium. Their consumption will help reduce your high blood pressure. You can also avoid using salt in your meals and instead incorporate spices and herbs to add flavour to your food.