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Why you are not losing weight

Why you are not losing weight
  • PublishedAugust 29, 2022

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha has revealed that advancing age was the main motivating factor to her fitness journey that has yielded impressive results from the images posted on her social media. The former TV host has proven that anyone can achieve anything with determination. Unfortunately, most people do not get to enjoy the results that Sheila is currently enjoying. We sampled a few excuses and mistakes that could be sabotaging your weight loss and fitness journey.

Eating out

Hidden calories can be hard to avoid when you are dining out. Restaurant food is hard to gauge in terms of calorie, fat and salt intake as well as its nutritional value.

What to do: Only eat in restaurants where you are sure to get some healthy choices such as salads. Go for lean meat, healthy fish such as salmon and skinless chicken and ask for vegetables instead of chips and other starches. Avoid cream-based sauces and instead ask for tomato based ones and ask for a salad dressing on the side.

Skip the chef’s salad and mix your won with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Pass the bread and instead drink lots of water before your meal arrives skip the starter and dessert and opt for a light main coin course o have he starter as your main course.

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I am too busy to cook healthy food

Healthy cooking does not have to take much time.  In fact, its easier to prepare as it can be quick and straightforward. Grilling a chicken breast seasoned with lemon and pepper and steaming some vegetables only takes a few minutes. Plan your meals for  a whole week and if you have some help in the kitchen ask them to prepare ingredients for you so that your work is just to cook. Prior planning helps you yo do weekly shopping and also save time thinking about what to cook every meal time.

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Emotional eating

In stressful situations, it is easy to succumb to emotional eating as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, eating lots of high-fat foods leaves you feeling sluggish, which puts even more stress on the body. If you must eat in stressful situations, go for healthy options such as whole meal toast with peanut butter or an apple r banana instead of cookies. Nuts can also do the trick.

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My genes make me fat

While it is true that your genes can predispose you to unwanted weight gain, your lifestyle also plays a huge role in weight gain. Healthy dietary choices can tip the scales in your favour. As a result, genes should not be an excuse why you do not eat healthy food.

Healthy food is expensive

Contrary to popular belief, health food is affordable. Beans, vegetables and root crops are cheaper that meat and dairy products and you can be sure to have enough portions of a balanced diet on your plate everyday. The good thing is that you can plant a small kitchen garden in your compound and be in control of what goes on to your plate.

These are just some of the excuses that are keeping you in a rut in your fitness journey. If you are honest with yourself and willing to do the work, fitness is easy to achieve.

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