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Style your corridors with these decor ideas

Your corridor doesn't have to be drab and boring anymore.

Style your corridors with these decor ideas
  • PublishedAugust 9, 2019

Corridors and hallways often are the last places people think of when glamming their houses. But just because they are not rooms per se does not mean they should be left bare.  Style your corridor with these decor ideas:


Mirrors lighten up the corridors making them look bigger and brighter. They also give the illusion of a longer corridor. If you want your corridor to feel less lonely and claustrophobic, put in some arty, statement mirrors.

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Want a more engaging, interesting hallway? Style your corridor with a bookshelf. You and your visitors will never make it through the other side with all those good books to look at. Plus, it economises space especially in a small house. If you are a book lover, you can start your own mini-library right in your house.

Attach hooks.

Hang a couple of artsy hooks to hang your raincoat or handbag. It also can serve as an ample place for your flower basket.

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If you find that the living room is too limiting and you cannot play with wallpaper, go wild in the corridor. Try creative colour combinations because unlike your living room, nobody can judge your corridor.

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Corridor mat.

In your house, you are royalty. That is why a soft carpet leading down the hallway is a perfect idea. However, make sure you choose a somewhat dark colour, that won’t display dirt from shoes.

Create a mini gallery
Turn your corridor into a galley with family photos that capture your best memories. Try using the same frames so the pictures have a theme that cuts across. You can also use art pieces that will give the corridor more personality.


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