Chances are on more than one occasion you have had leftovers you wondered what to do with. Often times, you shove them into the fridge to wait for another day and end up forgetting or worse, they simply go bad. However, you can definitely give your leftover meals a twist by creatively turning them into totally new meals that the family can enjoy and avoid food wastage.

Stuff leftover meat into a sandwich

All kinds of meats can definitely make up for a scrumptious sandwich filling. If you have any leftover meat, like chicken pieces, you can chop them into thin strips or small bite-sized pieces then make sandwiches. Make sure to slightly toast the bread to avoid them becoming soggy or use thick bread slices. You can also add any other fillings or spreads you deem fit such as tomato rings, mayonnaise or lettuce. These can work perfectly as breakfast accompaniments.

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Turn white rice into stir-fried rice

For most people, white rice is great if there’s an accompanying stew. Alternatively, it can be taken as a breakfast accompaniment. However, if you would rather your rice have a little more flavor to enjoy it, then stir-frying with a few meal expanders is your best bet.
For starters, you can add vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots and French beans into it to turn it into a new meal. The process simply involves prepping all your vegetables and frying them as you would any other meal then adding your rice once the veggies are cooked. Stir until they all combine and voila!

If you’d like to infuse a little protein you can opt for egg-fried rice. This involves frying your eggs as you would normally with your favoruite vegetables then adding in your leftover rice. If you are feeling extra gourmet-ish, you can turn this into rice balls for the kids.

Refry your ugali with eggs

Most people are usually at a loss about what to do with leftover ugali, unless you know how to incorporate it into your next ugali preparation.

You can, however, fry your eggs then chop your ugali into small pieces and add it in before the eggs completely dry up on the pan. To make it even more flavourful, add bell peppers, chilli and coriander into the eggs.