Staying home is no longer just an option, but it is imperative in the face of the corona virus pandemic. What that means is that you can no longer hop in and out of your favourite food joints for the snacks you enjoy. But that you cannot entirely eat what you want. You can make these things home, it will even be much cheaper.

Homemade pizza

Yes, you can make pizza at home and no, you do not need an oven for this. If you have a flat pan you can make your pizza either on the jiko or the gas cooker. What you will need to buy is cheese, otherwise you can use whatever vegetables you have in your pantry or meats you have in your fridge as toppings. Follow the directions on this video for the best homemade pizza, and you will wonder why you did not learn how to make it sooner.

Caramelized popcorn

Missing caramelised popcorn already? Especially those buttery ones served in stalls at the movie theatres? It is such a shame that we cannot even go to the movies, isn’t it? But you definitely can have those caramelised popcorns as often as you want. What you will need is the popcorn kernels of course, baking powder and sugar. Those are the basic ingredients. You can add butter and vanilla essence if you wish, but those aren’t entirely necessary. Follow this recipe and get eating!


Hot chocolate

You can no longer go out with your friends in your favourite coffee joints, but you can totally have your hot chocolate at home. What you need is chocolate, preferably dark if you want that dark, rich colour. You will need milk too and cocoa powder, and maybe corn starch to thicken it.


Honey-glazed chicken wings

You might not have chicken wings exclusively, but you may have chicken, jus cut them into sizeable portions and they will work. Give them a good fry and put aside. You will need honey, brown sugar and soy sauce. You can add any other preferred sauces but those are the basics.