Here's Why You Should Hire a Wedding Dress

  • PublishedJune 3, 2019

“Hire a wedding dress” is probably the last thing a bride-to-be wants to hear, but if you look at it objectively, it is something worth considering and for these reasons:

It saves you tons of money

One of a wedding’s biggest expenses is the wedding dress. Custom or haute couture wedding gowns are very expensive. If money is an issue, and it is in most weddings , you should probably consider hiring a wedding gown.

You will be wearing it once

If you are going to wear a dress only once in your life, there is little logic in spending hundreds of thousands in it. If you plan to re-sell or hire it after the wedding, that makes some sense. However, if you will just keep it in your closet where it will take up space and gather dust, maybe hiring is a better option.

Your dress-maker might not make what you want

Tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses have a lot of room to make mistakes, and they often get it wrong. Imagine the frustration of paying top shilling and not getting what you want for your big day. The dressmaker not being able to deliver is a leading cause of bridezilla because it is hard to imagine that someone would give you or make you something different from what you requested (the nerve!). So why not hire instead and save yourself the stress?

Saves on time

If your wedding is fast-approaching, it is best to hire a dress than have it custom-made. Otherwise, so much time is spent going over the initial design, fittings, adjustments and all that comes with making dresses from scratch. The tailors have a solid reputation for not delivering on time and making false promises. You can always hire, get it done with and focus on other things. A wedding has a million other things that needs your attention anyway.

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