Pregnancy shouldn’t stop women from looking trendy and stylish. Many pregnant women usually go for loose and flowy outfits because they are more comfortable. If you looking for ways to look glamorous in that baby bump, then this post is for you.


It’s perfectly safe okay to wear tights when you are pregnant. You should however opt for those specifically designed for pregnancy. This is because they are made from good material and specially designed to hold your bump as it grows. Some tights may feel itchy on the bump,and in this case,moms-to-be should for tights that sit on their hips. Tights made from a high blend of cotton are the best to prevent thrush infection.

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Everyone loves a great pair of pants.But when that baby bump is growing, you need to go for those that are breathable  and made from soft material. Fabrics like cotton, modal, bamboo or cotton mixed fabrics stretch to accommodate  that baby bum. One can go for a style that completely covers the belly or one that sits right below the belly. Its all about personal preference. Some styles though can be kept up comfortably by a belly band. But to avoid buying new pants through out the second and third trimesters, look for pants that are designed to incorporate stretch panels around the belly, waist and hips.

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Maxi dresses

Look out for maxi dresses, gowns and tunics because they feel a lot more comfortable than ordinary dresses. Maxi dresses are fitting at the top and cut to flow loosely over the body till the bottom.This kind of look gives off a sexy and confident vibe. Maxi dresses are not only comfortable but can be worn before, during and after giving birth.

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If you are going for a casual and laid back look, then loose fitting t-shirts are your perfect bet. Pair your tee with some stretchy pants or skirt and some sneakers for a sleek street look. Spruce this look with some chic accessories, bags or hats.

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