The human heart has been made in away that it can be emotionally broken into a million pieces. This is the time when you experience overwhelming distress filled with agony and trauma.

Its normal to go through this period of time. During such periods, you should avoid suppressing these feelings or pretending that all is okay. Be true to yourself and acknowledge the heartbreak. However we will not promise that coming out of it will be an easy fete. It might take some days with no appetite or sleep coupled with a series of bitterness and tears.

What we can promise is if you accept the fact that you are heartbroken, take care and forgive yourself and while at it forgive those who hurt you,  you will eventually go back to you happy self.

Here are some steps that will help you overcome heartbreak.

Accept what happened.

Many people live in denial during this time. They don’t want to come to terms with the reality. Hear this well, accept the fact that you are hurt, bitter and mad all at the same time. It is human to have these mixed emotions. Cry about it. Allow yourself to go through that phase. It is okay not to be okay once in a while.

It is okay to feel sad.

Undergoing emotions of bitterness, sadness and anger  during this difficult period does not make you less human. There is a season for everything, happiness and sadness included.  If you feel broken, look for a place where you can be alone to vent out your feelings. You can also confide in a trusted friend about what you are going through. However, do not allow the negative feelings to take charge of your life. Never allow yourself to do anything crazy to yourself or people around you in the name of being bitter.

Cry about it.

Crying is not a childish affair. It is actually a great way of letting out the hurt and pain you are experiencing. You should never view yourself as weak for allowing tears to flow. If you are in a public place take some deep breaths and blink a couple of times to hold back tears. But once you are in position, cry your eyes sore… it will help reduce stress.

Don’t condone negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts will cross your mind once in a while. You will remember the heartbreak and replay what that person did over and over again. Avoid falling into this trap as it only helps you to reenact the painful scene. You should also avoid blaming yourself for what happened. Distract yourself by listening to uplifting music, reading a good book, catching up with your real friends or engaging in activities that make you truly happy. You are special in your own way.

Examine about what happened

This is a stage where you have already accepted your situation and you are now ready to get your grove back. At this stage, think about what went wrong and why things fell apart. Learn from the mistakes and set clear goals on the type of relationships you would want to have in the future. Make peace with the past.

Remember this, “The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after its been broken into a million pieces.” Robert James.