Watching cartoons is a subject that most parents tread on carefully. In most cases, parents get concerned when their children spend a lot time in front of the screens, but believe it or not, regulated screen time can bring a healthy impact to your child’s growth. Provided you monitor them on the proper channels to watch and control the amount of time they spend watching TV, it can actually be beneficial to their growth.

Below are some reasons why you should allow your child to watch cartoons.

Cartoons boosts creativity

Kids are always curious about many things.Their imagination is always flowing and watching cartoons can stimulate them into imagining many topics of interest. Cartoons inspire them to tell stories from their own point of view.They can draw sketches of their favorite characters in those shows and emulate certain positive behavior or actions they watched on those programs.

Cartoons provide an outlet for laughter

Kids need a way to relax and amuse themselves. Cartoons provide such opportunities. Kids will laugh out loud at even the smallest antic from the cartoon characters which releases endorphins which are hormones responsible for making them feel good and happy.

Exposing children to different places and people beyond their day to day lives

Watching television can transport children to different places and times, making them experience diverse backgrounds from every part of the world.These are experiences which they may not have access to in their daily lives.They learn different species of animals and how people in different parts of the world live.

Early start on learning

Cartoons can help kids start learning very early. Educational cartoons that teach on shape,letters and colors can be of positive influence to children.Such cartoons educate kids in a fun and enjoyable way making learning a fun activity.The moving and talking pictures and colorful visuals make learning interesting.

Language development

It is easy for children to learn languages from an early age. Allowing them to watch cartoons even those speaking foreign language provides an opportunity for them to learn different languages and also boost their vocabulary and pronunciation.They are able to communicate eloquently making it easier for them to interact with their peers.