Sex addiction can effectually be treated using assorted therapies that focus on emotional and psychological symptoms stimulating these disorders.  (Have you read about causes of sex addiction? Below are some tips on how to overcome sex addiction.Tokeo la picha la recovering sex addiction black people image                                                                       Source: The Fix

Seek therapy

According to author Thaddeus Birchard, experts know that sex addiction is not about sex. Instead, sexual behavior is used as an escape from unpleasant feelings—feelings that can be successfully addressed in psychotherapy. He adds that the only person who can really know they are an addict is the person himself. If it is a problem for him/her, then it is a problem. However, Jordan Gray, a recovered sex addict also says that sexual addiction is more about shame, isolation, and unworthiness than it is about chasing after sexual experiences.

Talk to a trusted friend about it

You will suffer a lot if you keep it to yourself. Find someone you could share this ordeal with. Remember, you are only as sick as your secrets. Verbalize your thoughts, fear and your sexual desire to the person you trust.

Group therapy

If you cannot find someone to do talk to and cannot access individual therapy, try group therapy. This will help you feel like you are not alone in the addiction. More also, you can share your own experience and you might get help.

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Find new habits

Find alternative activities to take part in to fill the gap. Nature does not allow a vacuum. Also avoid staying alone as you try to recover. Being in the company of others will keep you in check and prevent relapse.

Seek medication

Your sex addiction could be as a result of depression. Most people use sex to reduce stress or anxiety. When the case of addiction becomes severe, you can be prescribed hormonal medications that help to reduce hinder extreme sexual urges, and eliminate or greatly reduce irresistible behaviors.

If left unchecked, sex addiction can destroy your physical, mental, and emotional health and ruin your career, family, and friends.

In conclusion, Jordan Gray says that the most sustainable way that a sex addict can overcome their addiction is to work through the underlying emotional turmoil that keeps them stuck.