Losing people you love can be very heart breaking and sad but saying goodbye to a dying loved one aches the more. When you are faced with such a situation, however hard, try to remain positive. While these tips on how to say goodbye may not decrease your pain, they will give you a better approach.

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Say it now

It is sad to say goodbye to someone you love and cherished. However, it’s better to let them know that you will love them regardless as soon as possible. Ask for forgiveness and set paths rights when there is time. It is difficult to know when they will leave, so do not wait for the last minute. Even if they live longer after your goodbye, you will have had your closer and you will be more at peace.

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Don’t give false promises.

People who are dying often know they are dying. Much as the temptation is there quit telling them they will be better when the opposite is apparent. Try and come to terms with the reality, both for your own sake and yours. This way you will both appreciate the rest of the time left.

Give reassurance

Talk about their fears and worries. Do not argue with them about the situation. If they want to vent, let them go off. If they want to cry, offer them a shoulder. Talk freely talk about the situation and reaffirm them peace. If the dying loved one is afraid of what might occur after their death, reassure them that everything will be in safe hands. Tell them of the impacts they have left and point out how worthy they are. Praise them for a life well lived with the hope of meeting in the next life. Provide comfort, care, unconditional love and concern. It will help bring joy and hope that in their death love was shown.

Keep the mood jovial.

The conversation does not have to be doom and gloom everyday. Share your fond memories and joyful moments. Have a great laugh if you can. Do not dwell obsessively on the fact that they will be leaving.

Talk or sing to them

The sense of hearing is among the last senses to die. Even when a loved one is unconscious or in a coma, keep on talking to them. You can pray for them, read them a book or sing them a song. It can be difficult but remember to surround them with emotional love.