Even when teens have already been involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, you can always save them. If they have not engaged in the activity, you can prevent them and save them from it. This is how you are going to help them with this drug abuse menace.

Talk to your teen

Parents can get so busy that they do not have time for their kids. There is hardly any time for conversation. You can bond better with your teens when having frequent conversations with them. This will make them feel loved, open up to you and make it easier to detect anything that could lead to drug abuse.

Discuss your own drug use with them

Parents can be victims too. If they have seen you taking drugs, tell them you are struggling and you do not want them to go down the same path. Tell them about addiction and your plans to stop. Be very open about the dangers of drugs so they do not try and mimic the behavior.

Listen to their opinion

Listen to them. Always answer questions from your teens without being judgmental. Know what they want. Know their opinion on drug abuse. Engage them and come up with a mutual conclusion. Check up on them regularly.

Discuss reasons not to use drugs

Emphasize the dangers of taking drugs. Tell them the effects of taking drugs. They need to know how drug abuse will affect their life negatively and how they can affect important things like education and a good future.

Discuss ways to resist peer pressure

As a parent, discuss with your teen how they can overcome bad influence from their peers. Try as much as possible to know their friends and teach them how to choose good friends. Make sure they have desirable kinds of friends and that they have a good company always, both at school or home.

Be a good example

Always do things that you will love to see your child do. Lead as an example. Try not to normalize drug abuse by taking alcohol in front of them. Do not abuse drugs in their presence. Be a good role model to them.

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