Drug and alcohol abuse has become rampant among the youth in our society today. People who abuse drugs at a tender age are prone to becoming addicts. The teens are still in their formative years, and as a parent, you can intervene and stop the worst from happening. It is best first to understand why teens abuse drugs.

Teen drug and alcohol abuse can have long-term subjective and physiological effects since the teenage brain is still developing. Several signs can help you know if your teen is abusing drugs. Some of the symptoms are sudden bad grades in school, poor hygiene, frequent hunger, unusual tiredness, bloodshot eyes, and other strange behavior. However, there are reasons for them abusing these substances:

Family history of drug and alcohol abuse

When a child grows up in an environment where everyone in the family abuses drugs, they will copy them. Much as you may tell them it is wrong, children do as they see, not as they are told.

Mental health such as depression or anxiety

If a teen has a problem that he feels he cannot share with the parent, they might sink into depression. They try and find solace elsewhere, and mostly find comfort in drugs. Drugs give them reprieve from whatever is bothering them.

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History of traumatic events such as accident and rape or loss of a loved one

Traumatic events can have lasting effects on teens. They might resort to drugs to help them get over the trauma. If left unchecked, they may become addicts.

Low self-esteem or rejection from the peers

Every young person wants to mingle and interact with who they want and who they like. However, it does not always end up so. Rejection from their peers might cause teens to seek the comfort of drugs.

Peer pressure

To be like their friends or to fit in their clique, teens get involved in some harmful behaviour. Peer pressure is a key reason why teens abuse drugs. That is why it is important to check who your teens hang out with.

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