Today, the city will be painted red. It’s the day couples will be openly showing each other love by going out to a nice restaurant, or showering each other with gifts. It is also the day when it will be rubbed on singles faces that they are actually very single.

What if you are single and no one asks you out or gives you a rose or some chocolate? Here are a few things you can do as a single lady or man so that you don’t feel unloved.

Treat yourself

Do not wait to be treated by someone. Do something special for yourself today. You can buy yourself some chocolate, cake, a nice dress or jeans, perfume, or just anything that will make you feel good. You could also take yourself out to some swanky hotel for dinner.

Gift somebody

Someone once said, it is better to give rather than to receive. Therefore, do not wait to be gifted, instead, gift or treat someone whom you care about. Even if they don’t gift you, you will put a smile on their faces, and that alone will make you feel some sense of joy in your heart.

Keep yourself busy
When you are idle, it is easy to get focused on the fact that you don’t have a hot date. So find something that will occupy your mind such as work, or just any unfinished task.

Hang out with your friends
You don’t have to be alone on this dreadful day called Valentines. So ask your friends out for drinks, a cup of coffee, or go and watch a movie.  Having friends around you today will make you feel some love and joy throughout the day. Remember, there are many offers for  ‘couples’ that you can take advantage of with your goofy friends!

Even as you go through this day as a single lady or man, it is important to remember that you are surrounded by people who love and care about you. Your family, your friends, or even your workmates. Even if they don’t affirm it on this valentine’s day, be assured that you make their world a better place.