We’ve all been there, well except for the singles who may not understand the struggle. You know, that struggle when your significant other sends you a text telling you how they can’t wait to exchange gifts with you and you haven’t bought them anything for the dreaded day.

Right there and then you feel the panic start to set in and you start to randomly brainstorm gift ideas that will take their breath away without  necessarily taking your entire pay check with it.

Well then its time you stop scrounging through the couch cushions and check out these amazing last minute Valentines gift ideas.

Flowers and chocolate for her

You can choose to go classic. Flowers and chocolate are always a safe option and thanks to your terrible planning skills, they are literally available everywhere. Go for an unconventional bouquet filled with something more than red roses. Just spice it up with something like orange or white roses and your partner favorite chocolate. If you back yard has flowers or your neighbor has a flower bed you can pick some from there. Always remember that handpicked flowers means more to ladies than store bouquet.

Embrace your artsy self

Another idea is to get crafty.  At this era, both of you probably have a Pinterest or YouTube app on your smart phones which are full of DIY projects that you’ve never gotten around to do. Well this is the time to get back to your archives and find something that you can do with limited supply  which is readily available. Ideally, the craft is something that can be useful to your significant other not just a one day affair.

Cosy at home

You can choose to stay in and make sure there is the potential for at least a two-star meal in the kitchen. Putting thought and time into cooking for your significant other speaks volumes about what they mean to you. You can cook together for an additional twist, go to the grocery store together or just find a recipe on YouTube that you both like and get to cooking. Make sure you play your favorite playlist, preferably the one that both of you made together for a conducive environment in the kitchen.

For the couples, congratulations for not being single during Valentine’s Day and have fun but not too much fun. For those who are single, treat yourself better. Do a craft for fun, cook yourself some nice dinner and splurge on some little treats that make you happy. Yes buy that nice perfume or cologne you have been eyeing for months or that pair of shoe that has left you ogling every time you pass that shoe store. It’s just another day to love yourself and remind yourself of those you love.