Important first aid tips for parents with toddlers

  • PublishedJanuary 21, 2020

Toddlers are naturally curious and clumsy and get into a lot of minor accidents here and there. Having a first aid kit with the necessary tools is helpful, here is what you should have in your first aid kit. However, every parent should also know what steps to take with each unique accident. Before going into them, perhaps one of the most important first aid tips for parents is to stay calm for it allows you to reason well. This way you’ll be of help rather than worsen the situation for the child.


Choking is very common in kids, hence knowing what to do is  one of the most important first aid tips for parents. When your toddler is choking you’ll notice them trying to cough whatever is stuck out. Assess if their airway is slightly opened or completely blocked by how much sound they can produce. Act fast by picking them up and turning them so they are facing the ground.

Use the heel of your back to give them firm back blows right between their shoulder blades. Do not stick your fingers down their throat since it can lodge the object further back down. Go to the hospital if they still have difficulty breathing after you’ve got the object out.

Burns and Cuts

Running clean cold water over the affected skin usually helps manage the situation. Be sure to remove any clothing item that’s over the injury. Serious burns where the child is in immense pain warrant a visit to the doctor.

Clean and put pressure on cuts for 5 minutes then put a band-aid on them. Cuts that don’t stop bleeding might also need stitches as opposed to trying to disinfect and dress the wound.

Broken bones

When your child breaks their limb they are obviously usually in a lot of pain. The area with the broken bone will swell and they can vomit and start feeling light headed.

The best you can do for them is try and make them comfortable, don’t touch the limb, not even to ice it. Call an ambulance and quickly get them some professional help.

Allergic reactions

These usually manifest in swelling, developing of hives or vomiting. Foods or substances that can cause allergies include nuts, shell fish, pollen or latex. Special medication is usually given to toddlers’ parents when the allergy is first caught to administer if they ingest it again.

If that is not the case and it is happening for the first time, try inducing vomiting if it was a food item. Foreign substances should be handled by the doctor. Be sure to carry what’s causing the reaction.

Head injury

If toddlers falls on their head and starts displaying the following call an ambulance because they could be concussed: confusion, severe headache, challenge walking or standing, vomiting or sleepiness. Keep them still while waiting for help and don’t administer any pills because that might increase internal bleeding if any.

Eye injury

Rubbing the eye will irritate it further so try and get them to not do that. Running tap water on the eye will probably get any small objects out of it. If dealing with a substance like a cleaning agent perhaps, show the container to the doctor so they will know the next course of action. This is of course if the water did not solve the problem.

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