Working moms find it difficult to choose shoes to wear throughout the week that are both comfy but still accent their personalized style. We give you weekly shoe inspirations to rock and look glam while at it.

Monday- Ballerina flats

These shoes are a perfect way to knocking off Monday blues. Make sure to find one with a padding for coziness. Go for ballerina shoes with a balance of comfort and style and embrace the week ahead only with positive vibes.

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Tuesday – Scarpin shoes

For Tuesday, you can rock your heels and scarpin shoes are one of the best options. Embrace your femininity with these formal shoes that go perfectly when paired with pencil skirts , dresses and suits. They are most ideal for the work space. If you are not as confident wearing them throughout the day , carry a pair of sandals to change anytime of the day.Related image

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Wednesday- Loafers


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Loafers have a simplicity in them that oozes finesse. You can choose one with a low heel or no heel at all. There are so many loafer options, choose your favorite and pair them for a clean finish.

Thursday- Mules

Mules are undoubtedly comfortable shoes for ladies who still want to rock a heel. The block heel gives an absolute elevation that accentuates any outfit. Don’t limit yourself by only wearing black mules. Experiment with different colors and brighten both your outfit and transform a boring Thursday to a terrific one.

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Friday- Nude boots

Finding the most snug boots can be a challenge. If you do get the ultimate boots you’d wear them the entire week. Nude boots are  easy to pair and a good transition for end of office day. They can be worn in and out of work and fit different occasions.

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Saturday- White sneakers

White sneakers are best for a day outside work. They can be worn to the gym and are good for long distance walks. Find one with the right cushioning and get cosy with them

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Sunday – Sandals

Sandals are the most ideal shoe choice for Sunday as it is the end of one week and a transition to another. Your feet need a break and sandals fit the mark. Wear them while hanging out with friends and family.

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