Inquest into the killing of baby Samantha Pendo was ruled on Thursday 14 February by Kisumu court indicting senior police for the death of the six month old baby.

Resident Magistrate Beryl Omollo said that the evidence presented in court overwhelmingly indicts senior police officers including Chief Inspector John Kiringi, Inspector Linah Kogei, County Commander Titus Yoma, Senior Superintendents Benjamin Koima and Christopher Maweu.

The court also called for action on a platoon of 30 General Service Units deployed to subdue protestors in Nyalenda on that fateful night.

The ruling has blamed the officers for failing to adhere to their professional rule which is to keep law and order but instead caused mayhem among the people.

Magistrate Omollo called on the Director of Public Prosecution to take necessary action on the officers mentioned.

Baby Pendo died in August 2017 while undergoing treatment at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu, after she was clobbered on the head allegedly by the police in her parents’ house in Nyalenda. The officers are said to have been responding to chaos that had rocked the lake-side city after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner of the August 8, 2017, presidential election.

“I’m so happy that at last justice has been served, let my baby rest in peace,’’ said Pendo’s mother.