Overall Objectives

Ensuring the company achieves and exceeds set advertising objectives, goals, and targets through personal contribution and teamwork.


  • Coming up with advertising strategies that ensure personal and departmental targets are met.
  • Building and sustaining market relations and linkages with the business community, advertisers and advertising agencies.
  • Achieving personal monthly sales targets.
  • Coming up with strategies to achieve personal targets and goals.
  • Regularly servicing direct and agency clients as assigned.
  • Cultivating and bringing in new business.
  • Coming up with good and professional proposals that will bring in new business such as advertorials, supplements and other creative non-traditional advertising ideas.
  • Developing an advertising client base according to sectors and come up with a strategy of follow-up to ensure we get business not already on board.
  • Come up with a strategy of bringing back on board clients who have advertised in the past but no longer do so.
  • Monitoring competition and ensuring a follow-up of all advertising business in the market.
  • Selling advertising space in a professional manner and according to company guidelines.
  • Ensuring collection of advertising materials in time.
  • Working closely with accounts department to ensure prompt collection of payment from clients.
  • At all times following company credit facilities and discounting regulations.
  • Maintaining good customer relations with both new and existing clients.
  • Coming up with creative concepts for advertising that is value adding by working closely with editorial department.
  • Ensuring individual targets are achieved on a monthly basis and giving weekly progress reports and monthly analysis of sales and projections.
  • Working together with the Marketing Manager in approving advertising during the creative and printing processes.
  • Familiarizing with all the activities of advertising and marketing department to enable you hold for your colleagues or head of the department when necessary.
  • Any other duty assigned by the management.