Breakouts are the bane of our existence. What we could do to just have smooth skin that we can wear all day any where, any time without feeling the need to cover it all up with makeup! The one step towards getting rid of breakouts is knowing what causes them in the first place. These are little-known causes of breakouts you should look out for!

Unhealthy diet

Our skin is often a reflection of what is going on inside us. If you cannot resist one extra slice of cake, pizza, drink all the canned sodas in the world and generally is a junk food lover – that is your culprit. This is not to say you should not indulge in these things every once in a while, don’t just base your whole diet on them or they will mess up your skin.

Your makeup

Makeup in itself might not cause breakouts, unless of course, if it is fake. The problem with most people who use makeup is that they never wash it off. Even if they do, they do not do it properly and skip days. This causes dirt build-up on your face and encourages breakouts. Even then, you really should let your face breathe and opt out of makeup every once in a while.

Hair products

The reason behind your breakouts could be your hair products. If you use hair sprays for instance, some of it gets to your face. The oil from this products might trigger acne especially if your face is oil-based. The kind of chemicals in these products can also act as a trigger.

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