Have you come across this hilarious Facebook post?

The writer is simply saying, he and his wife have rediscovered love because of the curfew, and that all the time he had acted otherwise had really been peer pressure. Now, whether this is true or not we cannot confirm. What we know for sure is that this partial lockdown downtime is going to reawaken marriages that were on the verge of being broken, and here is how.

No distractions

People put all sorts of things before their marriages – sports, drinking out with friends till late in the night, spending time with the girls, business travels. Games that had a huge fan base have now been suspended, even the Olympics that was set to happen in Japan this year have been pushed to 2021.

If you go out to drink with the buddies at night past the curfew the police will beat you to a fine pulp. There is no business to travel to. All this leaves you with just one thing – family. Spouses will now have to give each other their full attention, and that is likely to save marriages.

Spend more time together

Most marriages break when because couples hardly spend time together and before they know it, they are two strangers sharing a house and kids. It is going to be so hard ignoring the presence of your spouse during this period. The more time you spend together, the more you rediscover the things you share in common and appreciate one another. You can do the cooking together, watch shows together and bond better during this time.

How quarantine can help your marriage
Source: MadameNoir

Better intimacy

People come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid being intimate with their partners – they are too tired from working all day, they are not in the mood. There is hardly any job to make you so tired that you cannot get down and dirty with your spouse during partial or total lockdown. In the face of such uncertainties, most people find they need their partners more, and that can help renew intimacy.

Time to talk

Between going to work and doing the things they both love, most couples hardly have time left to talk, or listen. In this period partners will have time to talk bot about the serious stuff that affect them and the light stuff. They can share their plans, fears and anxieties soberly.

Fear and anxiety 

The corona virus death toll from hard hit countries do not look good at all. All this grimness that surrounds us serve to remind us who the important people in our lives us, and that life does not need our permission to take them away. In light of this, couples will have a good chance to leave what is in the past in the past, and focus on creating good memories instead.

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