In a move meant to open up the world to Kenya, a local travel company Aslan Adventure has partnered with Europamundo one of the largest tour operators in the world. The partnership is expected to increase the number of travelers to and from the country and will greatly boost its economy.


Europamundo Vacations is one of the largest Coach Tour Operators in the world affiliated to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) a United Nations Travel Division agency. The company has developed a tour package that largely targets upper middleclass income earners with a focus on the African market.

Announcing the partnership Europamundo Sales Manager – Global Tours Javier Villodre said “we are keen on diversifying our product range based on market demands and the new international traveller trends”.

A 2019 Travel trend report indicates that an increasing number of tourists are looking for a new preferred tour type with a high percentage of city and sightseeing tours as part of the package.


The same report shows that only 8 percent of the worlds tour activity come from Africa.  This is huge gap compared to 38 percent of the same experienced in European lands. This gap is what the new service unrolled into the Kenyan market by Europamundo seeks to decrease. “This new product targeted for the English speaking market in Africa will go towards opening up the world and bringing it closer to our clients while at the same time giving them quality and value for money,” he added.

Popular  destinations

Some of the more popular destinations with Kenyans include Paris, Madrid, Rome and other European capitals. The desire for adventure, affordability coupled with the ease with which holiday makers can experience multiple destinations are some of the factors influencing the update of coach tours.

“Over the three month period we had had an excellent response from holiday makers interested in our product.” said Neena Jabbal, Managing Director of Aslan Tours and Travel.

She added that the beauty of the partnership with Europamundo is that it offers flexible package options which are guaranteed and can be molded to fit the client’s needs. “Travellers are able to book the part of the tour that is of keen interest to them as well as join any tour at any time for any duration of time. The trips can be booked to start and end at any point and there is also the option of adding additional days to the start or end of any tour as well as merging different circuits.” This she says has made it possible for more Kenyans to explore Europe.


The partnership has the potential to increase the number of European travellers coming into the country as a result of deviation from North Africa which has suffered political instability in the wake of the recent Arab spring.