Long distance relationships: How to make them work

  • PublishedJune 18, 2019

Long distance relationships  can work as long as you put the right amount of energy and effort. Most importantly, work on your communication and get involved in each other’s lives. Here are some tips to keep your love alive.

Avoid excessive communication

Couples  always want to compensate for the distance by talking all day.  Try not to be clingy in your communication. Excessive communication can become mundane with time. Allow yourselves to miss each other and look forward to the next time you talk.  This way the conversations will be lively and long. If you find it hard to go for long hours without calling or texting them, do something that will keep you busy and entertained.

Be honest with each other

Open up about your fears because they are an inherent part of long distance relationships. Tell each other about what you really feel about all this distance thing. If your partner does not feel the same as you, try to talk things out. Try not to argue because this will not  help the situation. Ask your partner what you can do to make things easier, and at the same time, try to do whatever they ask of you.


Visit each other

Visiting each other is a highlight of every long distance relationship. You get to meet and do the little things together like cuddling and holding hands, things the long distance might not permit often.

Avoid situations which will annoy your partner

Set some ground rules and stick to them because you do not want to annoy each other.  But if you have to, let them know. After that, send them videos and photos to share that moment with them.

Look at the bright side

Waiting can be at times be tiring, but when you know the relationship will be worth it at the end, you have to think positive. Look at the brighter side, which is the things you will get to do when you reunite. You have to instill positive energy into your relationship if you really want things to work.



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