Going through a break up is one of the worst experiences one can ever go through. If you really loved your partner, going separate ways after years or months of being together can be the toughest thing to do. The memories stay and never quite fade.

Mistakes are made. Some are forgivable, others not so much. However, even if one forgives, things rarely remain the same especially if it involved cheating.

Is there a specific period of moving on?

Well, this varies, depending on how deep the relationship was. According to Paulette Kouffman Sherman, psychologist and an author, most people will need a month or two to overcome the breakup pain. However you might need less time if your relationship was short.

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What to do in this period

It is a tough period, no doubt. You need to sit down and accept what happened and agonize before getting into the next relationship. In the beginning, you might think it impossible to move on, but you will, eventually. Find someone who will value you, appreciate you and see your worth.Have hope in the future. Figure out what you learnt from the break up so in case you had anything to do with it, you do not repeat the mistakes.

What did your past teach you?

Another psychologist, Sanam Hafeez says that the end of a relationship teaches us so much about what we previously did not know about ourselves; how we handle our insecurities, the way we communicate and how we handle conflict. You should never jump into a relationship to numb the pain of a past relationship.

What are you supposed to do afterwards?

Take enough time and make sure they have healed enough to start afresh. Enjoy your freedom.
It is better for you to wait until you are over your past love.

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