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  • PublishedApril 30, 2014

In this second part of our continuing series on handbags we tell you about more types of handbags and occasions they befit. For some women, handbags are an obsession while others simply love them. But a handbag is much more than an accessory; it is an important part of a woman’s attire that can make or break the look. Have you seen a woman impeccably dressed only to spoil the look with the wrong choice of handbag? Read on to avoid such mishaps.

Baguette. This is a small cylindrical handbag, usually with a chain or thin strap. It is appropriate for cocktail parties and other semi-formal occasions though you can pick one in neutral colours for a formal evening event. A baguettes gives a youthful feel to an outfit.

Hobo bag. It is easily recognised by its distinct crescent-shaped design. The handle lengths vary such that if you wear it over your shoulder, it could drop to your chest line, or waist or hips. It looks very feminine and stylish. Depending on the design, it can be for casual or formal wear. A hobo bag is very comfortable and has larger capacity than a clutch bag and baguette.

Messenger. This type of bag comes in a rectangular shape and is appropriate for carrying books and laptops. Its distinguishing feature is that the strap sits cross-wise from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It is a favourite for most students though there are some models that resemble a briefcase or laptop bag and are appropriate for business events. Messenger bags are often unisex.

Many women feel intimidated when it comes to finding complementary accessories for their outfit such as the material, colour, embellishments, and style. Think of your style and the look you want as a whole but with one focal point. For example, if you wear a simple black dress, matching it up with a red bag, makes the handbag a great focal point. On the other hand, if the dress is flashy, the handbag should either be very simple, or match the dress exactly, so as not to distract the eye.

Published on May 2014

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