Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has called out parents for their role in teenage pregnancies. He has attributed the rising number of early pregnancies on parents’ inability to counsel and advice their children on the dangers of early sex.

“When teenagers get pregnant they drop out of school and their life is wasted. Parents should be responsible enough and and regularly advice their young ones,” he said during the launch of the International Youth Week at the University of Embu.

He further that stated that early pregnancies compromised the future of children, and hoped that teachers who impregnated school children burned in hell.

“Children can’t access education when they are forced out of schools due to early pregnancies.

It is a shame that teachers are also impregnating school girls. They will be roasted in hell forever,” he said.

The vocal cabinet secretary also urged the youth to ‘aggressively’ take up various business opportunities in agribusiness instead of idling.