Food runs the world, that is beyond debate. But there are those days that you just do not know what to cook. or you juts feel you need to try something new that will not take too much energy. That is where food bloggers come in. Kenya has some of the most talented and dedicated who are not afraid to experiment with the diverse Kenyan cuisine. These are some of the best Kenyan food blogs. You can always pop into their blogs for new ideas.

Pika Chakula

The name Pika Chakula means ‘cook food’ in Swahili, and boy, the owner of this blog can whip up a mean dish. The blog is currently run by Chani Solanki who took over from the original founder, her brother Rajan. Rajan lost his life in the 2013 Westgate terrorist attack. Chani explores cuisines of all kinds: Continental, African, Indian, French, Korean, Mexican, you name it. Her desserts are to die for.

best Kenyan food blogs
Carrot Cake by Pika Chakula

Kaluhi’s Kitchen

The one thing that Kenyans love about Kaluhi and her cooking is that, it is simple and is Kenyan but oh-so-delectable. Her cooking is very relatable. She uses readily available ingredients, things that we already have in our pantries or can get from the shop down the road. She is very creative and can turn simple local food items into a big deal. That is why most Kenyans simply run to her page if they need an idea for dinner. You do not need sophisticated kitchen equipment to try her recipes.

best Kenyan food bloggers
Oregano githeri by Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Fauzia’s Kitchen

Fauzia’s Kitchen’s strong hold is coastal dishes but you can find a great deal of other cuisines incorporated in the blog too. There desserts too, are to die and kill for. If you are one for the Swahili and Arabic cuisine, go have your fill in this blog.

best Kenyan food blogs
Kaimati by Fauzia’a Kitchen

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