Major Peter Mugure will be held for 21 days as investigation into the triple murder of his wife and children continue, ruled a Nanyuki court.  Chief Magistrate Lucy Mutai granted a 21-day incarceration for Major Mugure, who has also been sacked by the KDF. He was arraigned alongside Collins Pamba, who is believed to have been an accomplice in the murder of the three.

This comes after bodies believed to be his wife and kids’ (Joyce Syombua (31) and children; Shanice Maua (10) and Prince Michael (5) were Saturday exhumed from a shallow grave in the Makaburini, Thingithu, 20 days after  they were reported missing.

Collins Pamba, a  21-year-old casual labourer who served in the military mess and is believed to have aided the suspect in disposing off the bodies, pointed the detectives the to the exact spot where the three had been buried, 9 minutes away from the Laikipia Air Base. The bodies which were in gunny bags and were found stacked on top of one another.

Marital conflicts

Ms Syombua and the Major had been embroiled in court battles over the two children, which led to the court ordering the army man to pay child support amounting to, allegedly, Ksh 75,000. It took  DNA to make him take responsibility for his children, whom he had earlier rejected and expressed doubt of siring. Close friends and allies say he was not comfortable with this arrangement.

As per the court order, he ought to spend time with the children regularly, and it is on this premise that he asked their mother to take them to his work station in Nanyuki. They would never make it out alive.

Joyce’s mother was adamant when her daughter informed her of her plans to take the children to see their dad. She had asked her to let the Major come to Nairobi instead, but Joyce told her the the court has ruled he was entitled to see the kids, therefore she was simply following the court orders. Joyce, on her part, remained in communication with her friends and relatives, and when they could no longer communicate with her, they reported the matter to the police.